Emmanuel Beau: Taking on a new impact challenge at Minexx to secure mineral supply chains

In a decade spent in the access to energy industry, we have seen it grow from a mere dream to a billion
dollar market. I would like to thank all the entrepreneurs and their teams, my colleagues and our
investors, for their outstanding support and our collective learnings and achievements.

Who dares, wins: Probabilities of success were extremely low: for the first time, we invested in energy
that had to be clean, paid for by low-income rural households, in the riskiest markets on earth – AND
achieving a return on a historically subsidized rural electrification. With over 25 investments to date,
including 20 in the energy access space, and 4 exits, it is good to now see more mainstream and
commercial investors coming in, slowly but surely. At Energy Access Ventures (EAV) we managed to
reach more than 21 million low-income beneficiaries for new or improved access to electricity and its
benefits, in 14 countries, in 6 years, while targeting and delivering market like returns. The next decade
– in line with meeting the Sustainable Development Goals – will require far more subsidies, more public
private partnerships, and real infrastructure finance (low returns on long periods), if we want to get close
to universal access.

What’s next: I’m excited to announce that I’ve taken on a new role as Chief Investment Officer at
Minexx, a company which secures the supply chain from the moment a mineral comes out the ground
to the moment it used in technology, like a smartphone or an electric car. I’ll be working on developing
innovative financial products, and fundraising, and doing so with a passionate and value driven team!
In addition to Minexx ‘s pioneering trade facilitation platform, transforming trading, compliance and
financing is essential to disrupt artisanal mineral supply chains.

Why minerals? Clean energy demand for critical minerals is set to soar as the world pursues net zero
goalsi. This comes at massive environmental and social costs for local rural communities, which barely
benefit, once again, from that industrial and digital revolution. At Minexx we believe something can be
done to foster fair trade and transparent value chains, that benefit miners and their communities, but
also governments, traders, tech companies and consumers, like us. As we all have a bit of these
minerals in our pockets or backpacks, until we can certify where these minerals came from, their
compliance and overall social and environmental footprint, our tech transition is compromised.

Minexx is seizing the opportunity to disrupt the world’s most unsophisticated $100Bn industry. I
am delighted to have the opportunity to work with Marcus and the Minexx team, to contribute
connecting miners to the world, reduce negative social and environmental externalities, and actually
transform a new industry, once again.

If you work in a tech company using minerals, or as a tech consumer, make sure you ask where they
come from or ask us.

Thank you Minexx!

Emmanuel Beau, Chief Investment Officer, Minexx

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