Our global tech transition is compromised by dirty minerals.
Our appetite for technology is insatiable.
But at what cost?
The world is changing.
Is your supply chain ready?

Connecting miners to the world

Trusted to source minerals fairly for people and planet.

Minexx use blockchain, IoT and digital payments to bring trust, transparency and fairness to artisanal mining.

There comes a time when we have to confront the unacceptable social cost of technology. That time is now.


Transforming lives through technology.


Passionate, multi-disciplinary team based in Kigali, Rwanda. We are engineers, operations experts, lawyers and product managers working to improve the lives of small-scale miners.

Marcus Scaramanga

CEO & Founder

Marcus has extensive experience building tech in Africa. Spending 5 years building BBOXX, a solar IoT platform that provides 1M people with electricity. Marcus holds a 1st class MEng in Mechanical Engineering from University of Bristol, UK.

Hugo Budaho

Head of Operations

Hugo has spent the last 5 years at Airtel, a pan-African telco where he focused on Human Resources. Hugo holds a degree in Human Resources from Institute Roger Guilbert, Belgium.

Gisela Mudumbi Van Houcke

Legal Advisor

Gisela is Founder of ReformDRC, a consulting firm who support strategic projects in the DRC. Gisela holds degrees in English and French law and is the first Congolese woman to appear in Forbes.

Eric Mwangilwa

Operations Supervisor

Eric has experience working in NGOs and banks throughout central Africa and holds a degree in social sciences.

Sylvie Ndahimana

Product Manager

Sylvie has spent the last 10 years working in Product Development in France, UK and Belgium for Google and Fujitsu. Sylvie holds a Masters in Applied Finance for University of Quebec in Canada.

Mineral Sourcing Problem

Technology companies are under pressure from consumers and regulators to prove their minerals are sourced responsibly. With seven stages from artisanal mine to manufacturer mineral origin data is not trustworthy and tech companies are powerless to improve the situation for miners.


1 in 8 people in sub-Saharan African countries are dependent upon artisanal mining.

Minerals from artisanal sources:
30% of gold
30% of cobalt
50% of tantalum
80% of coloured gemstones

Eightfold increase in demand for cobalt by 2026 due to electric cars – Morgan Stanley 

Legal requirement for tech companies to prove minerals are responsibly sourced in EU and US.

source: telegraph.co.uk


We are looking for talented people to join our team, whether your background is in tech, operations or finance. Send your CV to hello@minexx.co with ‘Join Minexx’ in subject line.

Open Positions

Product Manager

Based in Kigali, Rwanda. Working to build our MineSmart platform. 4 years experience and worked with worked with USSD, Mobile Money and Zoho software suite. Apply by email: hello@minexx.co

Product Manager

Apply by email: hello@minexx.co
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