What we do

Purchase Minerals

Minexx purchase minerals critical to energy transition such as tin, tantalum, tungsten and lithium.

All minerals are purchase in line with Minexx’s responsible sourcing procedures


Minexx Trace is a digital, OECD-based traceability and due-diligence solution. It works across all minerals to address ESG risks and provide assurance to communities, mineral buyers, and consumers around the World.

It leverages Minexx’s technology to bring transparency and trust to mineral supply chains.

Minerals can be sold from CAHRAs to OECD audited refiners.

Track carbon along supply chain

Better future for mining communities

Proof of mineral provenance & Impact

Improved governance, natural resource protection and higher royalties.


We leverage our fintech credit scoring and traceability solution to provide capital to increase responsible production.


We provide expertise and advisory services across mining, mine financing, mineral governance, and responsible sourcing.

We have served concession owners, governments, and NGOs.